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Fruzsina. 19. Hungarian.

"It's not just someone to hold you under.
It needs to be someone who can pull you back.
Someone that has a strong connection to you, a kind of emotional tether."

"No matter what it is that you want to do, you should dream as big as you can and go for it. " - LH ♥

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Teen Wolf Fans and Vidders!!  

I need a really big help…does anyone have the season 3 gag reel in HD, because you post it already and I need it for my new video :DD 
PLEASE HELP ME, and write me a message if you have it, it would be awesome if somebody can send it to me :DD


bigtimejade asked: Big Time Rush (band) or Big Time Rush (series)


Roland Hood: everyone’s baby hobbit (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

"Because after finding you, and building this place up from nothing, together and turning it into a shelter, and then a home for us. Can’t you see? This is where I belong. By your side no matter what happens to us."

I should’ve listened to you. I will never get used to putting you in danger, but I realize that you’re part of my world. And in our world, we’re better together than apart.


Stiles and Lydia as serial killers

graphics battle: torple vs. dallisons (thenemeton)
round three: dark au + contrasting colors


Stiles and Lydia as serial killers

graphics battle: torple vs.  (thenemeton)

  • round three: dark au + contrasting colors


Lydia Martin quotes → season 3, part 2

Big Time Rush, Season One - Behind The Scenes

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john & cara│come back with me 

This is my new video of my new favourite ship in my new favourite show…
I hope there are some other John/Cara shipper here…this is for you :D <3
Enjoy :D